Tornado Warning

Sitting with my children having a movie day, I’m scrolling through my phone checking for weather updates and Facebook to see friends and family are safe and well. Suddenly my phone alerts me “Tornado Warning”, the warning instructs us to take cover. I look at it confused. There are clouds in the sky, but it’s […]

Birthday Fun

    I am 27 this year, I wanted to do something exciting and get out of town. Funds did not allow for the kind of adventure I was hoping. Instead I decided upon dinner with good friends, my mother, and of course my loving husband. Realizing I’m pushing 30 just made think about the […]

Valentines Day

Valentines Day, a day when couples express their love for one another by planning little surprises, making reservations at a favorite restaurant, or giving a box of chocolates and a giant plush toy. Sometimes things change when you get married, sometimes they don’t. Everything changes when you have children. Money is a bit tighter, you […]