Getting my Family Healthy

I’m about to say the thing that thin girls aren’t allowed to say‚Ķ I gained a lot of weight. Yeah I said it. In the time I have been with my husband I have gained 20+ pounds. Not all of them have been negative but the area around my stomach is very discouraging. This amount […]

Why Can’t I Find a Decent Women’s Magazine?

At the grocery store last weekend and this weekend I asked Mr. Bailey if I could pick up a magazine. They are typically a couple of bucks and there is something about them that I just love. They are crisp, the colors are vibrant and SOME of the articles are very interesting. The only bad […]

The Small Things Matter

Since Valentines has come and gone (mine was fantastic thanks Mr. Bailey for my fantastic lady day!) I thought I would write about why the little things that happen every day really matter. Although we haven’t been married for very long we have been through some ups and downs in our relationship. After every fight […]