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It may not seem like the best picture to others but we absolutely adore her grump face.

It may not seem like the best picture to others but we absolutely adore her grump face.

A beautiful portrait to hang on the wall in your dinning room or living room is always one of the best ways to make a home welcoming and inviting. It gives it character and brings out the love that is in the home. It’s something you will look at and remember that day for years. I don’t know about other people, but I always find myself a bit stressed trying to get everyone dressed and ready for the photo. I even have to tell Mr.Garza what to wear, if he had it his way we’d all be in pajamas like we’ve just crawled out of bed. Although that’s actually how we look most of the time, we do dress decent to leave our cozy little home.

Newborn photos were a piece of cake and two month old photos were fairly easy as well, but now that I have two toddlers. I’m wondering how things are going to play out. When we had our youngest’s 2 month portraits done we had a family portrait taken as well, that was an event all in itself. A good friend has offered to take Bluebonnet photos of my girls, I was very excited because I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot this year. It will just be photos of my girls, but I’m sure something will prove to be a challenge. So I’m on to my first step and that’s just choosing the clothes. Yellow dresses and pink cowboy boots, I’m trying to embrace a little southern flare and play of the color of the bluebonnets.

So it’s finally time to have their photos taken. There’s perfect little valley that’s at the

This is one of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites.

bottom of a hill located right of a road just on the outskirts of our town. First things first when we arrive and that’s to check for snakes. The grass was fairly short so snakes weren’t much of an issue, it was huge thorny vines we had to watch for. After that it was time to take some photos. We were trying so hard just to get the girls to stay together, but that was not going to happen. My 1 yr old is so grumpy and confused by all they flowers that she just stands and pouts most of the time. I’m trying to get behind my friend and I’m using all my tricks to get my girls to smile or play nice to each other… There was no cooperation that day.

Our favorite out of all the photos.

Our favorite out of all the photos.

After all the chaos was said done and laying on the ground and running around trying to a achieve a perfect portrait she managed to snap some beautiful photos of my girls. Although some people want perfect portraits of their children smile, I have to say I love seeing them as their natural selves and I happen to love my 1 year olds grump face. I’m learning to lay down my fight for perfection, because none of us are perfect. Those little imperfections in our portraits will remind us of a memory forever.

I few things to keep in mind when you go to take photos; If your child uses a pacifier, get it away before hand so your little sweetie is not red in the face from crying. Perhaps bring some treats to help calm them down if they get upset. Always dress accordingly, if you’re taking out door photos and you want to sit on the ground, pants/leggings are a good idea. Even a blanket to sit on would be helpful. For the older children, a little bargaining can go a long way. “After we take photos we can get some ice cream”, just an example. And always remember even though photographers can sometimes be expensive, the quality photos they capture will always be worth it.



If you like the photos and live in the San Antonio area, consider Butterfuly Wings Photography for your next family portrait.

S Garza


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