Birthday Fun


Stephanie G



Mrs.Bailey, myself and D

I am 27 this year, I wanted to do something exciting and get out of town. Funds did not allow for the kind of adventure I was hoping. Instead I decided upon dinner with good friends, my mother, and of course my loving husband. Realizing I’m pushing 30 just made think about the fact that I will not have the stamina I do now. I just want to live life to the fullest I can, so next year I will definitely be doing something more exciting.

We started out the evening at my favorite sushi restaurant. We were sitting inside waiting for the last of our party to arrive to be seated. In walks Mrs.Bailey with a very large wrapped box and a smaller one on top. I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised and happily so. I hadn’t received a wrapped present for my birthday in years. I eagerly opened the


One of my fabulous new Lamps.

presents, I started with the small one. It was a lamp shade, and anyone who knows me has heard me go on and on about how I want an Eiffel tower lamp. So I immediately squealed and began unwrapping the big box, I couldn’t believe it, it was two lamps. I was so excited. She didn’t realize herself that there had been two so I’m short a lamp shade, but who cares, I got my Eiffel tower lamps. I am so excited and grateful for the thoughtful gift. Even more so that she took the time to look for them, she was originally searching for an Eiffel tower clock that was no longer at the store. I’m very fortunate to have such a sweet friend.


Cherry Blossom

We were seated quickly where we began to talk and order our food, I was still gushing about my awesome present. We ordered Gyoza to start before our sushi came out. I’m absolutely crazy for Salmon nigiri and my husband loves sweet shrimp that comes with tempura shrimps heads. That’s always a conversation starter. We laughed and cringed as Mr.Garza crunched into the heads without even wincing. The rest of our sushi came out we all shared, that way would could get more variety.

After dinner Mrs.Bailey, K, and myself drove to karaoke, where Mrs.Bailey


My delicious cookie cake.

would drop us off. We were laughing so hard and having a good time, it was wonderful. Embarrassing stories from my youth were told, my own embarrassment exposing my identity. It was all in good company so I’m ok with that. We arrived at the bar where another person was having a birthday. It brought me a bit down because he had his group of friends there already. But I reminded myself that I have all their love even if they weren’t with me. So I carried on sang with enjoyed my time with K until D and her boyfriend finally arrived. A while later my best friend finally arrived and I was so excited to see her. She had a cookie cake in hand, it read, “Happy Birthday Love Muffin”.

I had a wonderful evening with wonderful friends and I am truly grateful for you all. Your crazy, eccentric, reserved, and my perfect match. Not everyone gets to meet friends that they can be completely themselves with, but I have.

S Garza


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