Getting my Family Healthy


I’m about to say the thing that thin girls aren’t allowed to say… I gained a lot of weight. Yeah I said it. In the time I have been with my husband I have gained 20+ pounds. Not all of them have been negative but the area around my stomach is very discouraging. This amount might not be that much to anyone else but to me that is a lot. When I graduated high school I weighed around 115 pounds. I’m not going to lie I was pretty scrawny but that was the way my figure was (or so I thought). This past year I started noticing things like I can’t fit into dresses that I got a year ago, my Halloween costume no longer fits, and pant shopping is a damn nightmare. I’ve tried running, Yoga and Zumba but nothing seemed to be working. I started getting really discouraged instead of pumping myself up to go run or to do a 30 minute session I would just stare at my computer. I was becoming bitter and thinking I might as well embrace it. Instead of embracing it I fell out of all of my routines. I switched from doing a facial cleansing routine in the morning and night to staying up late and getting up at the last minute. I wouldn’t do my makeup or hair for work I just grabbed a t-shirt and jeans and headed out the door. I needed something to get me out of my slump and it came from the most unlikely place.

 Victoria’s Real Secret

Victoria’s Secret models have always gotten a bad rap for sexualizing women and giving them a false image of what a woman’s body should look like. For women born without double d’s and bleach blonde hair it can be very frustrating to see perfectly tan goddesses in diamond studded swimsuits. I used to think the exact same way until recently when I was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and I got really pumped to work out. Seeing these beautiful, hard working women really inspired me. Not everyone can look like a super model and I don’t think I ever will, but I do think that I can be the best version of myself. Seeing these beautiful fit (not rail thin) models on stage just enjoying life and watching the interviews where they were kind and courteous gave me a sense of purpose. If they could get up at the crack of dawn to work out, get in full hair and makeup, work, study, and eat healthy so could I. I could be the person that I wanted to be and knew I could be. It was like seeing those gorgeous girls in giant crystal wings kicked me in my butt. Instead of taking something beautiful and being filled with jealousy and anger I saw the beauty in other women and felt pride for them and their achievements.

Making the Decision

After being so inspired by some real life angels my husband and I had a discussion about being healthier. We knew that we would have to change pretty much everything about the way we were living.  Our typically routine at night consisted of driving in traffic for an hour, getting really hungry on the drive, arriving at home and deciding that we were going to get fast food instead. Now don’t get me wrong, we cooked food at home MOST of the time, but those moments where we were too tired started to become 2-3 times a week. We weren’t doing any type of exercise and were more tired every day. Coming to the same conclusion was an easy one for the both of us. A relative had already been using a workout and had a lot of success with it so we decided to try the same one.

Eating Better new workout also came with a nutrition guide which had very specific guidelines such as; no dairy, no gluten, no processed foods, no caffeine, and many others. We also had specific types foods to eat during specific times of the day to make it easier to digest and to release energy into the body. We got rid of all of our food since it was all processed or had some type of ingredient in it we couldn’t have. We started planning our meals and prepping them the night before and got really excited to start. Unfortunately the first two days were miserable for us and extremely disheartening. The food tasted horrible and the portions were way too much for me to eat. We also both felt awful like we had been hit by a truck. We decided to adjust the plan a little bit so we didn’t set ourselves up for failure. At first I was feeling like we had failed, but after talking it over we decided that it would be the best option for us. We follow the process mostly the only things we have changed is the specific foods at certain times of the day and we season the food as well. This doesn’t mean we pile bbq sauce on everything but we also don’t eat salad with just a lemon squeezed over it. We have made an effort to buy only organic or natural products even when it comes to dressings or seasonings.  Every once in a while I get a craving for a soda or something sweet but I just drink some more water or eat some fruit. Overall  I think it was one of the best decisions we have made.


My favorite part of the workout system has been the exercise portion by far. It’s a mix of yoga and cardio which keeps you flexible but also raises your heart rate so you can be burning fat as well. It has a lot of dynamic resistance workouts which is low impact and so far I have been sweating after every workout. The plan builds you up so you start with basic moves and then you put them all together and increase speed, time in the position, as well as the intensity. We’ve each lost a little bit of weight so far and we are both pretty excited about the entire system. He is already noticing that he is getting stronger and I can feel that my joints in my knees are hurting less.

 Our Goals

Our goals aren’t necessarily to just lose weight but to be healthier overall and to live long and happy lives.  One thing that I am living proof of is that you can be unhealthy at any weight. I also believe that we can totally kick this programs ass. I’m looking forward to sharing this with all of you. As we go through this journey I am going to be posting some healthy recipes (only the ones that actually taste good), different workouts that we try as well as our progress. If you have any recipes or workout routines that have really been working for you comment below and let me know.

A Bailey



3 thoughts on “Getting my Family Healthy

  1. I am on a healthy journey as well and it hasn’t been easy. The Victoria’s Secret models are inspiration for me but I am also content with being the healthiest I can be but looking like a VS model wouldn’t hurt lol.

    I feel like I kick started my healthy journey when I realized I just didn’t have the energy to do things. I was just eating horribly. Then I just made an apt to see a nutritionist and I started seeing results that week.

    I look forward to reading about your progress!

    • Haha yeah looking like one of them would be a nice bonus! There are so many people getting healthier and I’m so glad because it seems to be easier when more people are doing it.

      It has been hard already to stick to it but I am pretty determined. Did you think that seeing the nutritionist really helped you?

      Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

      • yes it has, I never thought it would but it is helpful and comforting to have a medical doctor create a diet and fitness plan customized for me to lose weight. It makes me feel confident in knowing that I am losing weight healthy and with medical guidance.

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