Why Can’t I Find a Decent Women’s Magazine?


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At the grocery store last weekend and this weekend I asked Mr. Bailey if I could pick up a magazine. They are typically a couple of bucks and there is something about them that I just love. They are crisp, the colors are vibrant and SOME of the articles are very interesting. The only bad thing about it is I can never find a magazine that I’m interested in and most of the time they are mainly advertisements and not actually articles. I’ve been wanting to pick up a magazine at the store for a while now but when I look at them the cover has things like “15 Way to Please Your Man on the Couch” or “25 Reasons Why You Should Change Everything About Yourself” and that stinks. I’ve been researching a little bit because I want to read something that is building me up and teaching me things not an entire magazine on making your butt look like Kim Kardashian’s.


I don’t care about Lindsay Lohan

I know these type of magazines have to be out there I mean there has to be a demographic that they are aiming this towards, right? I can’t be the only person who wants to read something motivational, information about keeping my budget balanced AND have a random quick recipe thrown in. It could just be that I don’t care about Lindsay Lohan’s recent stint in rehab or that some celeb is getting a divorce and everyone knew it. I would like to clarify that I’m not above celeb gossip I just don’t want to pay for pictures of what Adele wore to the Oscars. What I am above is the nonsense that we are feeding women today.

Sexy Bikini Bodies?

I decided to go to a couple of different women’s magazine websites to see which ones I should actually pick up at the store. There were some that I knew were aimed at specific demographics such as Self which is a fitness magazine primarily. One of the main articles is “How to look better naked” which okay I can understand wanting to look better naked that is a common thing for women. I would LOVE to look better naked it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Then I thought what is it that I’m looking for? Something that is educational and fun to read that has some information in it that I actually like.

“Women’s Magazines” 

There were a couple of sites that did stand out to me and I actually enjoyed reading them. Women’s Day was one of my favorites because it had pretty much everything. Some of the articles that really stood out to me were “What to Know Before Buying a House“, “Quick Fixes for Difficult In-Laws“, “10 De-Stressing Methods Put to the Test“. These are all areas that I would read or a friend of mine would read. Another site that I enjoyed was Good Housekeeping; it did have a little more fluff so I don’t know if I’ll actually buy it. They have a Recipe Finder on the site and some articles that I bookmarked for later such as “10 Surprising Things you can Wash in the Dishwasher” and “9 Habits that Seriously Slow Down your Metabolism“. Besides these two magazines I really enjoyed Real Simple which had a lot of information on organization and cooking. I have purchased Real Simple in the past and it didn’t have a ton of articles that I liked so I might just stick with their online version.

Maybe No Magazine has the Answer?

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Although the magazines I’ve talked about above do have a ton of information they still have a lot of fluff and it’s all about keeping a house. I know that is a lot of what we do daily but what about things to stimulate our minds? Maybe women’s magazines just aren’t made for that or maybe I’m just reading the wrong ones. So much of the content just seems like a buzzword type of thing and don’t really contain any substance. I understand demographics and having to please audiences but maybe it’s going to be a pick and choose type of situation… if I want exercise information I go to Self’s website, if I want to know how to throw an awesome holiday party I go to Good Housekeeping and if I want to learn about economics, investing, children’s educations, etc. I’ll have to just get a book or look online.

It might be because I’m getting older and I just don’t fit inside the demographic that Cosmo and those other types of magazines are aimed at, but they just seem so damn silly to me. I’m not a homemaker by any means and my husband will agree with me but I’ll be damned if I let myself be absorbed by the nonsense that those types of magazines are trying to feed me. If you have any suggestions for some articles, websites, magazines please let me know.

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7 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Find a Decent Women’s Magazine?

  1. I’ve never bought into what the media says a woman should or shouldn’t do. Blame it on the fact that my parents’ advice has always been “Don’t take any crap” & I grew up a tomboy who’s guy friends (and now my husband, too) never pressured me to be anything except my cannot-walk-in-heels and to-this-day-does-not-know-how-to-put-on-makeup self. The only magazines I’ve bought were in middle school, because my bff and I were in LOVE with the Backstreet Boys! So, I can’t make any good recommendations, but I can suggest watching this video! It’s really empowering in a world where the media has a skewed view of reality and women! http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewgauthier/watch-four-women-react-to-being-photoshopped-into-cover-mode?s=mobile

    • I was the exact same way, I couldn’t put makeup on to save my life 2 years ago and my only shoes were converse. I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years but I completely agree the way that women are portrayed is EXTREMELY skewed. I will check out the video right now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I totally agree with you. I remember in high school I read Cosmo all the time and I remember on the cover there was always something about sex and my mom would be like why are you reading this??!! lol Now as a grown adult I stray away from Cosmo because I feel like it is very sex based and it’s just too much. I feel like for me I really like material about beauty and there aren’t that many magazines that focus on that so that’s why I read beauty blogs. I also read a lot of Education & Technology Magazines & Publications since those are the industries that I work in and mainstream women’s magazines usually do not have articles talking about those subjects.

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