My Wedding Story

Stephanie G

There are no longer any magazine images, this was all I could find of the 2010 gown I loved so much.

There are no longer any magazine images, this was all I could find of the 2010 gown I loved so much.

January 2010, we had just gotten engaged and it was time to start on wedding plans. What colors do we want, where will it be, and what kind of food do we want? Don’t forget the most important thing, the dress. I began shopping for dresses and found the perfect corseted ball gown with pickups all over the skirt, who knew my fair skin would look so good in ivory. We picked November 4th 2010 for the wedding. After a few weeks of planning, I noticed Mr.Garza seemed a bit over whelmed. Having had a big wedding once before I offered just having a small event with just close family and friends. At this point I didn’t care about a big wedding, I just wanted to tie myself to the man I love in every way humanly possible. He was hesitant at first because he knew how much I loved that dress, but what is a dress that I will only wear once? Ok, so it was actually a big deal to me, but a dress I could live without. It would mean nothing without him. So we agreed a small wedding would be best. Our wedding was now a backyard BBQ set for the end of February.


We have very few photos of that day and nothing digital.

So I still needed a dress, he requested it was white. So I went shopping with one of my best friends. I don’t know how many stores we went to. We finally ended up at David’s Bridal with my fiancé, they were having their $99 gown sale. So, I began looking at dresses. The consultant pulled out a halter dress that I was not feeling at all. Of course that was the dress Mr.Garza thought was amazing. Since I had a wedding already I just agreed to this awful dress. fortunately his mother use to be a seamstress and could at least sow the straps to the back so it wouldn’t be a halter.

323139_1917099177707_7678034_o2 weeks before the wedding, we realized we both needed wedding bands. So we went shopping again. We couldn’t afford the bands I wanted to go with my ring, so we continued to shop around. We found ourselves at Kay Jewelers. Mr.Garza found out he could apply for credit, he was approved. He told me to pick out whatever I wanted. They still did not have any “v” shaped bands that would compliment the ring I had. So He then told me to pick out a new bridal set, I was floored. So there I picked out a very simple 0.33 carat diamond in a white gold setting. The gentleman put a rush order on the ring to be sized as a wedding present for us. He is our goto man now when picking out gifts for loved ones. 


Our sweet girl at 2 weeks old, dressed up for Thanksgiving.

We woke up that morning together and began our day. We decorated very little, we focused more on food. I couldn’t get my mind off of food that week. I had been dreaming about it and craving Cola, I hate Cola. I assumed it was just nerves. Mr.Garza’s aunts from Mexico where in the kitchen preparing tamales and borracho beans. I picked up the cake by myself and the road to our house was so bumpy, that it was completely slumped over and ruined by the time I got home. So Mr.Garza and his mother returned to the store to see if they could fix it and they remade the entire cake for no charge. After returning with the cake intact, it was time to get ready. I put on the dress I absolutely hated, put my makeup on, I was not happy with it. I was so unbelievably frustrated. My grandmother put my hair up in a french twist and I strung a long necklace through my hair. It was time to go outside. I picked up my bouquet that I made and went to the back door. There gathered in our backyard, friends and family ready to celebrate our happy event. Desiree walked out before me. I heard Mr.Garza begin to play the song he wrote for me the year before. I stepped out and my eyes locked on him, my nerves were a wreck. There under the tree in the backyard we were married…by a karaoke DJ, who happened to be a minister and good friend. He had never gotten to preform a wedding ceremony before, he had written a beautiful speech and vows for the wedding and they flew out the window of his un-airconditioned truck on the way there. Nothing really went the way we planned that day, but we were married. The food was good the company was great and we received the best wedding present we could ever imagine. A positive test that we were going to be parents. Her due date was November 4th, sometimes it just feels like some things are meant to be. This is how our life together began.

S Garza

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