The Small Things Matter


Dropped off by Mr. Bailey because I was hungry at work.

Dropped off by Mr. Bailey because I was hungry at work.

Since Valentines has come and gone (mine was fantastic thanks Mr. Bailey for my fantastic lady day!) I thought I would write about why the little things that happen every day really matter. Although we haven’t been married for very long we have been through some ups and downs in our relationship. After every fight or bad day we seem to come out a stronger couple and I believe its because we do care about doing the small things for each other.

The small things matter: This is something that can easily be forgotten. You’ve probably heard a million times that you should enjoy the small moments but it is very true. Every morning I wake up and my husband has already gone to work but sitting on the counter is coffee made just the way I like it in a thermos for me to take to work. Some could say “he’s just pouring coffee” but it’s so much more than that… he takes time out of his morning routine to dedicate to doing something for me while I sleep in the next room just to make my routine easier. He has done this every morning and I still smile when I see the coffee sitting there ready to go. Every morning I’m reminded that my husband loves me and that is the first thought in my mind.

In our first apartment we were both working all the time and we were still in that getting to know each

My husband sent these because I told him I was having a bad day.

My husband sent these because I told him I was having a bad day.

other phase that happens when you move in together. Every morning I would leave him a note with something sweet written on it because he would come home on lunch to eat. He would then write me something back equally as sweet and this happened back and forth until we moved to the next apartment. When we moved out of our second apartment into our third (and current) apartment I found all of the notes we wrote back and forth. Some of them were really cheesy (on my part) and some were really romantic and I remember them to this day. Finding those notes really made me stop and think how much we’ve grown and changed together.

If you aren’t like us and you don’t wake up before your spouse or leave notes you can always  make dinner for them or draw them a hot bath. Letting the other person know you care is all about the things that you two do every day. If one person has a quirk that they do all the time (like having to straighten the sheets and comforter a certain way) then make that small adjustment to do it their way. This isn’t “letting them win” or whatever mumbo jumbo is out there about being the dominant one in the relationship. Google’s definition of a relationship is “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected”. Doing the small things allows you to become more connected with your spouse and lets them know you care even if it’s just going to the crappy chicken joint down the street. Even though we may argue or bicker about things it always gets resolved and it always comes back to caring about the small things.

Mr. Bailey always goes out of his way to do the smallest things that really matter and that is one of the ways that we keep our love going all year round.

A Bailey



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