It started with “Yes”

I want to start this story by saying that I never had a serious thought about marriage until I met Mr. Bailey. My dream was to live in a loft, drive a BMW, and go out for drinks every Friday night with friends. When I think about that now it kind of seems a bit sad. I never thought about who was going to hold my hand at Sunday brunch or who would watch my favorite movies even though they aren’t that good. At that point in my life marriage was something I just didn’t think about. There were a couple of my friends that were already married or were engaged and still the thought didn’t cross my mind. I’m definitely not the type of person that wants the spotlight on them or to have a giant room of people staring at them. So now that I’ve given you that bit of backstory I’ll jump into how it started with “Yes”.

Mr. Bailey and I have been talking about getting married since very early on in our relationship. I never believed in the old line “you’ll just know they are the person you want to spend the rest of your life with” but it’s absolutely true. It’s one of those corny things to say but I 100% knew that I was going to marry him. We had been through a ton together already dealing with some health issues and panic attacks as well as the usual getting to know someone by being around them day in and day out. Throughout all of that I still knew I wanted to marry him.

I knew he was ring shopping because he had me pinning ring styles that I liked on Pinterest so he could see them. I didn’t know when he was going to ask me but I had an inclination it was coming up because we were both about to start traveling for work. He had even told me that he had bought it and that it was in a friends safe so I knew that it was coming I just didn’t know when. So the days pass and it gets closer and closer to us leaving for work and he still hadn’t asked me. I was going crazy thinking “hmm maybe he didn’t really get a ring” and “maybe he is waiting until we go somewhere romantic” and so on. We even went to our favorite place for lunch and went on a romantic date and still no ring. I’m starting to think to myself “you are getting way ahead of yourself stop being so crazy” but it is very hard to know someone has a ring and know that it could be coming at any moment.

So the week passes and we had gone to dinner and had lunch with friends and still no ring. Then one day after work he came home and dropped all of his things off at the door except his lunchbox. At the time he thought he was being very sneaky by taking the ring in the lunchbox to the bedroom and shutting the door. To this day I have no idea why he thought that would be a smooth move. At this point I KNOW that the ring is in the house and it has to be coming and soon. It was the day before he had to leave and we went to have lunch at our favorite restaurant in town. I thought to myself “this has to be it… he is definitely going to ask”. The lunch came and went and my excitement faded as we finished eating and went home.

At this point I’m starting to give up altogether that he was going to ask me before he left. So when I get home I change out of my “might be getting proposed to today” clothes and put some pajamas on and sit on the couch. I started going through some websites online and checking all of my social networking when he yells from the bedroom “I promise we will do something more romantic when I get back”. I was thinking he was talking about going on a day date like we had started doing and then I realized what was happening. He came into the living room and pulled the computer out of my lap and took my hand that’s when I saw the small box. Mr. Bailey was on one knee in the living room of our apartment asking me to marry him. This was the moment I had been waiting for and it was perfect. I of course said yes and we just sat on the floor hugging and talking about what had just happened.

I’m glad that it was not in front of total strangers or at a restaurant over lunch. It was just us two alone in our home agreeing to spend the rest of our lives together. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change anything. And for me that’s how it all started with “Yes”.

A Bailey


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